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An all-natural, grain-based, easy-to-consume cereal that energize and facilitates our body’s natural healing mechanism

Provides a good healthy dietary filling meal

Provides a good source of energy to those with sensitive stomach or digestions issues

Provide a good source of protein to start the day

Plant based protein for vegan

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Our Company

Haoneng is a health-oriented company that strives to promote holistic well-being through our products. We possess genuine concern and compassion for others, wanting everybody to have full and happy lives free from diseases. Our goal is to share the important role of a good diet in preventive and therapeutic healthcare.

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I like the taste of UniChoice and its health benefits are superb. Having a delicious and nutritional meal is the best experience ever.

Yi Chen

I was very cautious about eating a meal cause I have a sensitive stomach. Then I found UniChoice, which provides me a healthy and delicious meal without worrying about my sensitive stomach.

Wei Zhenya

I'm a vegan and with UniChoice I got no problem with protein. Aside from being tasty, it's a good source of protein.

Wu Xia